• HIGHLY SCALABLE up to HUNDREDS of concurrent users in every environment.

  • EASY-TO-USE with no coding skills. Just Drag & Drop.

  • CROSS PLATFORM with universal accessibility with consistent UI.

  • AVATAR-BASED BEHAVIORAL ANALYTICS that track and segment key metrics.

  • RICH CONTENT with any digital asset including 3D objects and 360 videos.

  • REAL INTERACTION via chat and in-browser native Talk, Live Keynotes and Presentations.

  • AVAILABLE DIRECTLY from your computer (PC/MAC), your laptop (PC/MAC), Android Tablet & Phone.

  • NO SOFTWARE INSTALLATION required. Reachable directly via your web browser.

Platform presentation


Avatars can interact with each other, customers can engage directly with company reps as if they were there in person, as well as with digital assets.


Avatars can attend live keynotes, speak via native in-browser talk, chat, collaborate around content, do training and presentations.


Videos, 360 videos, PDFs, demos, links, products, 3D renderings, slides can be added and showcased in the environment.

Interaction Tools

Avatars can:

  • Talk

  • Chat

  • Run group chat/talks

  • Exchange business cards

  • Going around with each other

  • Collaborate around content

  • Deliver and attend live presentations

  • Host and attend interviews


You have more options to interact with others attendees thanks to six new gestures:

  • 3 random dances

  • Say hi

  • Raising hand

  • Clapping

  • Celebrating

  • Busy/engaged

Architectures and Landscapes

View our Landscapes in 360°
View our Architectures in 360°

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