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HYPERFAIRPLUS brings HYPERFAIR to the next level

HyperfairPlus, with or without Hyperfair event solutions, provides secured, cloud-based platform to expand audience reach and drive in-depth contentengagement for marketing, sales, recruitment,training, and HR communities.

The scope of services includes several modules such as virtual environments, learning management, matchmaking and livestreaming meetings/webinars.

  • Fully Html5 / PHP based
  • Customisable to required branding, languages and parameters
  • By event or for a series of events with url name and subdomains
  • Landing page and multi-events umbrella
  • Robust analytics
  • All computers and mobile devices
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Avatars can interact with each other, customers can engage directly with company reps as if they were there in person, as well as with digital assets.

Avatars can attend live keynotes, speak via native in-browser talk, chat, collaborate around content, do training and presentations.

Videos, 360 videos, PDFs, demos, links, products, 3D renderings, slides can be added and showcased in the environment.

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With HyperfairPlus livestreaming plateform, attending a webinar is easier than ever.


Our Matchmaking allows attendees to set appointments with each others or exhibitors. Based on profiles and descriptions, the planning of the days can be organised, with confirmation emails, dates, hours or rooms where to meet in a convenient way.

Accessible from Hyperfair Conference/Fair center during the event

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A WordPress-based powerful learning management system to enable you to create & sell online courses

Create & sell courses, track user progress, deliver certificates, award points & badges, and so much more! A WordPress LMS intuitive, well-supported, has incredibly powerful features, and makes it simple to create impressive online courses.

Integrates seamlessly with the tools that you already use and love: WooCommerce (Paypal, Stripe,...), BuddyPress/BuddyBoss, MemberPress, bbPress, Formidable Forms, Mailchimp, ...

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Powerful Authentication system

The world’s leading platform for virtual events

Hyperfair’s platform allows to create your own fully branded and personalized virtual environment to engage with your customers and collaborate via avatars.

A cutting-edge technology

Highly scalable


Cross platform

Avatar-based behavioural analytics

Real interaction

Available directly

No software installation




Cost Efficient